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Accommodating choices for you!

ProStar S4 Snowmobile

Polaris ProStar S4 Single

4-stroke – Ideal for 1 Beginner Rider

Polaris Indy 650 single snowmobile

Polaris Indy 650 Single

2-stroke – Ideal for 1 Experienced Rider

ProStar S4 Double snowmobile

Polaris ProStar S4 Double

4-stroke – Ideal for 2 Beginner Riders

Indy 650 Double snowmobile

Polaris Indy 650 Double

2-stroke – Ideal for 2 Experienced Riders

Scenic Trails and Groomed Terrain

We have three great trail-side locations, which enable you to park and ride hassle free. From each of our locations you can access the largest trail systems, the best terrain and the best views in the area!

Here for you.

  • Free Trail Map With Rentals
  • Operational Video
  • Damage Waiver Available
  • Helmets Included With Rentals

Self Guided Snowmobile Rentals

We strive to instruct you on the proper operating procedures, rules, and most importantly Safety. A guide will help you plan out a trip on your trail map, the guide will take you out onto the trails and stay with you until you feel comfortable with the vehicle and your abilities.

Free GPS Tracking!

Having a little too much fun and head in the wrong direction? No worries – our free included GPS systems will remotely pinpoint your location to us so we can get you back on track. With Northeast Snowmobile, you can travel with peace of mind.

Snowmobile Rates

ProStar S4 Single
(4 Stroke)
Rental TimeMonday – FridaySaturday – Sunday
2 Hours$130$150
3 Hours$155$180
4 Hours$190$210
6 Hours$240$264
8 Hours$300$320
1 Day$340$340
2 Days$540$540
3 Days$715$715
4 Days$925$925
5 Days$1105$1105
6 Days$1295$1285
7 Days$1430$1430
*Add second rider (double snowmobile) for additional $50
Indy 650 Single
(2 Stroke)
Rental TimeMonday – FridaySaturday – Sunday
2 Hours$150$170
3 Hours$175$200
4 Hours$210$230
6 Hours$260$285
8 Hours$320$340
1 Day$360$360
2 Days$580$580
3 Days$760$760
4 Days$980$980
5 Days$1170$1170
6 Days$1365$1365
7 Days$1515$1515
*Add second rider (double snowmobile) for additional $50
Clothing Rental
Snow suit$25
Snow Jacket and Bibs$25
Snow Jacket$15
Snow Bibs$15
Snow Boots$15
Gloves available for purchase.
Adult gloves $29.95. Kids gloves $15.00.
*All clothing is sprayed and disinfected after use.

Snowmobile Insurance Terms

*Optional Damage Waiver is available for $19 for up to 4 hour rental; $39 for 4-8 hour rental and $50 for 24 hour rental.

A damage waiver with a $3,000 maximum out of pocket expense is included in the rental rate. 

You may upgrade your damage waiver to limit your liability to a $1,500 maximum out of pocket expense per machine (The card will only be charged if damages occur during the rental period). The Damage Waiver is $25 per machine for a 2-4 hour rental, $35 per machine for a 6-8 hour rental and $50 per machine for a 24 hour rental. 

We highly recommend that you download the Polaris Ride Command App on your phone. It will match with our paper map of the trails, which we will supply you.